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7 American Symbols That Feature The Bison

Unique to North America, bison serve as an enduring symbol of the United States and its frontier roots.  In 2016, the bison officially became the national mammal of the United States in recognition of the historical, cultural, and economic significance of the bison to American heritage.

Bison have long roamed the U.S. grasslands and today there are over 500,000 bison nationwide, with bison herds growing steadily. They are the continent’s largest mammal and have long stood as a proud symbol of the U.S., freedom, and the West.

A bison herd grazing on the Great Plains

7 American Symbols That Feature The Bison

State Seal of Indiana - A pioneer scene features a bison leaping into the wilderness.

State Seal of Kansas - Bison can be seen in the background being pursued by Native Americans on horseback.

State Seal of North Dakota - A bison is pursued by a Native American on horseback.

State flag of Kansas - Features the state seal with the bison in the background. The Latin phrase, "Ad astra per aspera", means "through hardship to the stars".

State flag of Wyoming - A bison silhouette envelops the state seal. 

The National Park Service Arrowhead logo - The bison in the foreground represents the wildlife native to the United States.

The National Park Service Arrowhead logo in action at Yellowstone National Park.

The Buffalo Nickel - The bison graced the nickel produced by the United States treasury for 25 years (1913-1938).

So there you have it! Seven American symbols featuring the bison.